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KENSO Bootleg Advisory

Please note that, while versions of Live 92 and Music For Unknown Five Musicians (Japanese title In Concert) on the current market may look like legitimate CD releases, there is very good chance that these CDs are actually bootlegs. The differences between these bootleg versions and the corresponding legitimate CD releases are as follows:

The Live 92 bootleg does not include a Japanese-language booklet, the song-index numbers on the back of the tray card are not printed in gold, and the disc label is pink.

The Music For Unknown Five Musicians bootleg was released on the Tachika label, comes packaged in a paper sleeve, and is a 2-on-1 CD.

Please do not buy these illegal CDs that infringe on the artist's rights.

Although official King Records (Crime/Electric Bird label) releases are out-of-print at the moment, the band is making a concerted effort to have both titles reissued in the near future. Your kind cooperation in avoiding the purchase of illegal bootlegs will only help in making the upcoming official reissues a reality. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- Yoshihisa Shimizu (KENSO)

As an additional point of reference, the following photos document legitimate releases on the left and their bootleg counterparts (on the right):

Live 92 (photo #1)

Live 92 (photo #2)

Live 92 (photo #3)

In Concert