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Alan Benjamin's Solo Recordings

Live (with Mirthrandir) in 2006
photo ©2006 Brian Schenkenberger


Song Title Length Size Format Copyright
The World Within 4:15 4.0M MP3 (stereo) ©1987 A. Benjamin
The Escape 4:57 4.7M MP3 (mono) ©1989 A. Benjamin


The World Within: electric guitars, 12-string acoustic guitar, synthesizers, flute
The Escape: electric guitars, fretted and fretless basses, drum programming


Both titles composed, performed, and recorded (at home on a Tascam Porta One four-track cassette recorder) by Alan Benjamin.


Recorded in 1987, "The World Within" came together as the result of breaking in the four-track cassette recorder I had recently purchased. Two years later, "The Escape" was constructed from an extended introduction I had written for (my old band) Tangent, adapted for entry into 1989's Guitar Player magazine "Soundpage" competition. I sincerely hope that you enjoy them both!

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Alan Benjamin