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Alex and Jesse
my sons Alex and Jesse (2006)

my beautiful wife Amy (2000)

Mirthrandir 2005
Mirthrandir (2005)

with my Ibanez Radius pro shot from 1979
left: with one of my favorite electric guitars, a red Ibanez Radius (1993)
right: professional portrait with Gibson "The Paul" (1979)

Merlin, live at Butch's Place
Merlin, live at Butch's Place in Pemberton, New Jersey (circa 1981)

with Pekka Pohjola Ken Watson
left: with musical genius Pekka Pohjola, at the Bitter End in New York City (1993)
right: Ken Watson, good friend and composer/musician extraordinaire (1993)

with Kenso with Tatsurou and Yoko
left: with Saegusa-san (L) and Shimizu-san (R) of the wonderful group Kenso (at Progfest 2000)
right: with my close friends Tatsurou & Yoko Ueda (2000)

Amber (Tom) Amber (Steve) Amber (Alan)
Amber, coffeehouse performance (1978)

original Merlin lineup Defiant
left: original Merlin lineup (circa 1981)
right: Defiant (circa 1982)

my Pekka Pohjola Photo Scrapbook

Dave Astley's Gentle Giant Photo Scrapbook

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Alan Benjamin